Is Pakistan really changing?

Most of the time when I’m sitting with a group of people in any gathering, one of our most favorite subject to talk (brag) about is Pakistani politics. Eventually they all end up cursing all the politicians and summarize that Pakistan is no longer going to survive, we’re wasting our time here and it no longer a place to live here.

The fact of the matter is, Most of the time, I do not interject in the flow of the discussion, however, I do humbly disagree with the notion. My reason to stand my stance is not the so called stability of the Democracy. It’s certainly certainly not the army. However, beyond all doubts, it is the people of Pakistan. Especially those under going education.

Being an educationist personally, I witness a great deal of enthusiasm despite the trouble and issues of this country in these young almost mature minds. I see them being more logical everyday. I see evolving from the traditional school though being inquisitive rather then accepting something on face value.

Internet and the media are certainly contributing. Not as much as they could have. However, this is just a hint of the change. This isn’t the change. Pakistan is prudently transitioning from the control of these corrupt politicians, into the hands to people who deserve the power of ruling this land. This change is so minute, that’s its hardly visible. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Pakistan may not be turning into a country that Iqbal thought and Jinnah worked for, however, it surely seems to working on the same principles in the hein side. It’s been on the most remotest of the belief (and it’s getting more stronger day by day) that in the foreseeable future, this country will turn tables for its people. In my opinion, our threats are more internal then external. The external factors are only able to effect us because of our inner weakness.

To all those, who think this country is failed nation? Think again. It’s fighting it’s fights and will win its wars. To all those who want flea from here, please do so, so that we do not get plagued by your negativity.

Pakistan is our country, our home, our sole beliefs system. Pakistan zindabad.

Haseeb Uddin

Tech/ food junkie, travel enthusiast, Endless Love for music & poetry.. Online editor for @dentalnewspk @medicalnewspk & @dentaltribunepk & a proud Pakistani!

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