Our favorite hobby? Discourage everyone!

While I wine around with the observations I make, another observation I witness almost everyday which is none other then ‘discouragement’. Whatever area you try and look into, all you find is discouragement. Call it education, entrepreneurial, a job shift or even getting married (especially for girls). Music, acting? Wait a minute! That’s a taboo!

I have failed to understand the idea behind the concept which so eloquently discourages people to not do, what they wish to do, at time things people are very good at. The sufferers happen to be the young of this country. I personally have witnessed numerous cases included mine where elders have totally against what the young individual wants to do. It’s a strange phenomenon that the people who choose to discourage others have no subject knowledge on the matter they’re discouraging about. It almost seems feudal that people (especially elders) chose to be so dictatorial (yet we expect democracy in our country). What a joke!

Haseeb Uddin

Tech/ food junkie, travel enthusiast, Endless Love for music & poetry.. Online editor for @dentalnewspk @medicalnewspk & @dentaltribunepk & a proud Pakistani!

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