Terrorist on the road!

It has been recently observed that traffic violation is becoming a norm for our motorists. The reason for so, not known, yet the guardians of the traffic rules remain numb to address the situation. It has become a total outraged state of affair when we look around at the number of traffic violations taking place, and the convenience of so happening.

Though most of the private motorist are believed to be from well to do family, and are known to be educated and well primed, they lack respect for the traffic laws and the respect of the other users of the same public road, may it be a motor cyclist, the an individual driving a car, or even a pedestrian.

The concern does not satisfy even if the motorist forgets the law and only remain concerned about the safety of the fellow users of the road. The ghastly approach to drive on the roads not only violates the law but exposes most of the road users to most unsafe situation. Have we ever stopped a moment to bother that how dangerous a road user was while driving from his/her work to office? How many lives did we put to risk? And more importantly, how many times our life was put to risk.

If we examine the concept more carefully, we can be acknowledged more dangerous then a terrorist.

Haseeb Uddin

Tech/ food junkie, travel enthusiast, Endless Love for music & poetry.. Online editor for @dentalnewspk @medicalnewspk & @dentaltribunepk & a proud Pakistani!

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