So Negotiations Failed eh?

Most of mainstream media reports that the negotiations with the young doctor associations in Lahore has failed again. What a joke.

On one side, these doctors (most of them) are taught on government grants in government run medical college/ universities while paying a less then a marginal cost, on the other hand, these doctors while taking an oath to save the sick are violating their oath.

On the other hand, the government officials have no problem raising their standard as demanded by the doctors, however they won’t because it will effect their luxurious life of being in the position of power.

This situation by no means is fair, on either side. This situation is truly disgusting. This is surely an evidence of the dysfunctional society we’re living in.

However, this is not the end. Hope still lives and shall conquer soon.

Haseeb Uddin

Tech/ food junkie, travel enthusiast, Endless Love for music & poetry.. Online editor for @dentalnewspk @medicalnewspk & @dentaltribunepk & a proud Pakistani!

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