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When building a website, either for yourself or the client, it can be tricky. While WordPress is the top choice for a website developer, selecting a wordpress theme always remains a challenge. However, here comes the real issue. If you can make a wordpress theme on your own, making a good one will take time. On the other hand, if you can’t make one, the only options you’re left with to purchase one.

Finding a WordPress Theme

There are several websites out there which offer great wordpress theme up for grabs, but they’ll probably leave you with the bank broken. I will however will attempt to list below websites and themes which you can acquire for free. These wordpress theme are for sure to easy get get the job done. wordpress theme

To me, this website is for sure to surpass your expectations. This website has paid themes, as well as 50+ free themes. I have always managed to find a theme that is licensed, malware free and easy to deploy from these guys. The themes are also a good option to start with.


OneEngine theme

Now OneEngine is again one of the best themes if you want to use a one page theme for your website. Theme is very easy to use, can be used in a multi purpose environment, may it be a corporate website, travel website, personal blog, or for that matter promoting an event. I have used this theme several times and it always managed to served the expectations. Again, they also have several other paid themes that have been recently introduced which are again very good, and can be purchased to make a statement on the web.

The blog is a work in progress and I will be adding more theme sources as I comes across them on the web.

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