Digital Marketing: Is it all really about Boosts and Likes?

In the recent times, I’ve seen claiming almost everyone in Pakistan that they are the expert in digital marketing. For them achieving likes by spending a “few dollars” seems to get the objective met. But when asked if their target audience actually got the message they wanted to convey? Or did the target audience actually “buy” what they were selling? They seem to justify their success based on the number of likes and views and not actual revenue translated.

Small business confuse the Digital Marketing as the turkey solution for their marketing campaign and actually by all the processes to refine their communication to their target market and hence the effort and budget spend on the digital campaign usually ends up going in the drain.

Is Digital Marketing different from conventional marketing?

When discussing digital marketing, one thing must be understood that the concept of “marketing” is dominant. May it be OOH, ATL, BTL, they all at the end of the day have a same objective, to communicate the message to the target audience.

It is imperative to understand that “Digital”, is only a medium of transportation of the message you wish you communicate to your target audience just like any other medium. It is regardless how many platforms are used and budget spent, unless the campaign is not thought well, it will never translate into the objectives.

What’s the way forward then?

First things, first, we must understand what exactly is the goal of your digital campaign? It is informational, transnational, relationship, public relations. Is it any one of them specifically, or a combination of several or all of them? The communication strategy just doesn’t stops there. Before starting to execute a campaign, it must be well thought off.

The importance of understanding the consumer psychology of your target audience plays a vital role and conversion of your potential customers. If your campaign’s goal is informative or simply public relations, then all you need to do is share your collateral asset online and social media should do the job on it’s on with a kick.

However, if your need is to generate leads or sales, this is very much a different ball game. Facebook has attempted to make the job easy. However in my experience, even though it works like a charm, it does not guarantees transaction – therefore it is very important to use all the digital promotion tool in a orchestrated fashion to gain fruitful results.

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