The curious case of Karachi Traffic

The Karachi Development Authority, along with the law enforcement agencies especially the traffic police are totally running in the blind in Karachi.

Two days back when the Imtiaz Super Market was inaugurated at the Rashid Minhas Road, all hell broke loose on the road itself and all roads leading to it. I entered the Rashid Minhas Road at 8PM from NIPA intersection, and it took me two hours from there to get to water pump!

The traffic was chaotic, ambulance stranded, motorcycles and and cars were running out of fuel adding more chaos to the situation.

My contention is simple. Imtiaz is a commercial entity and is in the business of making money – nothing wrong with that… but what gives them the right to do so at other people’s cost? I can only imagine the kind of anarchy that will spread in the area with Ramadan and Eid just right around the corner.

I fail to understand how and why KDA and Karachi traffic police didn’t bother to raise an objection and ask the owners as what was their plan to deal with traffic as their super store is clearly built serve thousands of customers an hour with parking space of just above 100 cars.

It’s not just Imtiaz at Rashid Minhas Road. Same is the case with Imtiaz Kashmir Road branch. It’s also Chase at NIPA and several other super store around the city.

These people are inviting customers with no place to park their vehicles which eventually gets parked at public access roads. Eventually creating traffic disruption and at times the opportunity for the street crime this to spring in action as well…

Some needs to look into it… It us getting ridiculous. Roads in Karachi are already overburdened with traffic as is and these commercial entities are making it worst.

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