Independent in Pakistan

Of course we are. We are the most independent that people can be. We’re independent of our loyalty to this country. We’re independent from the law and order of this country. We’re independent from standing behind and backing up for this country. And best thing about it? No one is there to stop. How cool is that? No one can catch us. As long as we’re engaged in doing anything that doesn’t involves or is against (that includes cursing) Pakistan, we’re thoroughly independent.

However the moment we try to be a Pakistan, try to follow the rule of law, try to work something that is actually in the interest of the country, we become dependent. Is this a matter of being independent and being dependent, or have we simply decided to put the burden on others.

We say the police is curropt, who bribes then on the first place? We say the civil servants are curropt, who gets them to torment and use the regulation in favour?

Such questions above and countless more, I think I know, that we all know who the real culprit is. Its certainly not the so-called politicians of this country (at least not alone).

Coming to an end note, when was the last the public did something for the interest of the public? We always say that what has Pakistan done for us. I ask, what have we done for Pakistan?

But of course, we are independent of doing something, anything for Pakistan.

Why? Because we’re independent. 🙂

Haseeb Uddin

Tech/ food junkie, travel enthusiast, Endless Love for music & poetry.. Online editor for @dentalnewspk @medicalnewspk & @dentaltribunepk & a proud Pakistani!

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